Appellate Services

Record/Appendix Preparation

An in house attorney prepares, assembles and reviews all Records and Appendices and Forms.

Preparation of Appellate Documents

Preparation of appellate documents including Tables of Contents, Tables of Authority, Notes of Issue, Notices of Argument, 5531 & 2105 statements.

E-Filing Services

We prepare and file your documents according to court submission rules for e-filing/ECF/NYSCEF (New York State Courts Electronic Filing).  This includes book marking, OCR (optical character recognition), hyperlinking, tables of authorities citations,etc...

Drafting of Statements & Certifications

We prepare forms and certifications for the specific court in which you are filing and also provide forms on our website under the Court Resources tab for easy reference.

Drafting Notices & Stipulations

We prepare notices and stipulations for you and also provide forms on our website under the Court Resources Tab for your convenience.

Printing, Binding, Serving & Filing of Appeals

After you approve your draft Record/Appendix, we print, bind and serve the opposing counsel.  We file all appeals with the specific court in accordance with the procedural and formatting rules and E-file.

Access to Appellate Counsel

We have seasoned appellate attorneys on staff who can guide you through the appellate process. We will also provide brief writing services, if needed.

Oral Argument and Submission Date Notifications

We will notfy you of your oral argument and submission dates and locations in a timely manner.