Q. How long do I have to perfect my appeal?

A. You have 6 months from the date of the Notice of Appeal.

Q. What are the rules/limitations for briefs?

A. Briefs need to be in “Times New Roman” 14 point or “Courier” 12 point. There is a 14,000 word limit for appellants’ briefs and respondents’ briefs. 7,000 words for reply briefs. Briefs must be double spaced with 1 inch margins.

Q. The NYSCEF requirements are overwhelming me, do you handle the electronic filing?

A. Yes, we handle all of the extensive E filing requirements so you can focus on writing your winning brief.

Q. Can an Appeal Press staff attorney help me designate which documents I need for the record on appeal?

A. Yes, Appeal Press’ staff attorney will help you determine which documents to include in your appeal.

Q. Can Appeal Press refer me to an Appellate Counsel if I need one?

A. Yes, we have long standing relationships with appellate attorneys whom we can refer you to prosecute your appeal. 

Q. Will Appeal Press notify me of my oral argument date?

A. Yes, we will notify you of your oral argument date, time, and location for the 1st and 2nd departments in the New York courts.